“There is no such thing as Human Rights when imposed as an unassailable singularity irrespective of the nature of the society which is being imposed upon.”

That’s exactly the rationale used by the EU court while banning the right to freedom of conscience and conscientious objection to abortion:

Pursued the legitimate aim of protecting the health of women seeking an abortion. Sweden provides nationwide abortion services and therefore has a positive obligation to organise its health system in a way as to ensure that the effective exercise of freedom of conscience of health professionals in the professional context does not prevent the provision of such services.


But please, keep repeating it, again and again, over and over, as if it’s a magic formula that’s gonna automatically solving everything and automatically changing society in the “right” direction…after all, actual outcomes doesn’t matter in the slighest, just only “principles” – right?

Tagged “Abortion”, “Conservative Bollocks”, “Clueless Morons”, “Individual Rights”.

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